We’re delighted that you are considering having your child baptised, and share in your joy. We’re here to support you as your baby/child is welcomed into the family and the life of the Church in our parish of Aldeburgh and Leiston. Before the baptism, we ask you to contact Fr David, who will be in touch with you after a date has been booked.

In the meantime, perhaps you’d be kind enough to fill in the baptismal enquiry form and return it to us. At least one of the godparents should be a practising Catholic so that they can support you in your journey of faith.

You will find a copy of the Rite of Baptism – which you might want to celebrate during a Sunday Mass or at another time, together with a selection of scripture readings for you to choose from if the baptism is not at a Sunday Mass.

Documents suitable for printing into book format (for duplex printers use the option to 'flip on short edge') ...

Rite of Baptism Aldeburgh Baptism at Mass

Rite of Baptism and Readings



Speak to Fr David for more information on Confirmation.



If you would like to get married in one of the churches in the parish, the first move should be to contact the parish priest to ensure that the day and time (and priest) are free. Other priests are welcome to preside at your wedding if you have a relative or close friend that you would like to officiate.

Six months' notice is required before a wedding. After you have contacted the priest, he will help you through the process of marriage preparation, and some of the practicalities involved, including giving notice at the registry office, contact with organist, flower arranging, how to produce an order of service, and any other questions on your mind.

An offering to the church is customary in most parishes, and we would suggest that £250 is the sort of figure that most people give. This goes to the parish, not the priest. If you live in the parish, but want to marry elsewhere, it is still important to contact the priest in good time, because paperwork will be involved.

But don’t hesitate to make contact with us. We want to make your day a happy one, and your experience of the Church’s pastoral care positive. We are always delighted that couples seek the Lord’s blessing on this important day in their lives.

The marriage preparation will help you to look at issues together within the Catholic understanding of marriage, and this can be done on line. At the end of the pre‐marriage preparation course, you will receive a certificate which is required as part of the Church’s documentation in preparation for your wedding.

Nuptial Mass

Scripture Readings for Mass

Marriage Service without Mass

Texts for bride and groom


Holy Communion and Reconciliation

Preparing to receive these two sacraments is an exciting and challenging time for families and we will do all we can to support parents and children on the journey which began at baptism, and during which parents promised to accompany their child as they prepare to receive the other sacraments.

You are the first and best teachers of your child in the ways of faith and we will support you in helping to prepare your children for confession and communion

Notices about first communion preparation and enrolment will normally appear in the newsletter in the New Year. But feel free to make enquiries at any time.


Sacrament of the Sick

Funeral rites offer Christian worship and thanksgiving to God. We pray for the deceased and support the bereaved. The model for Catholic funerals is the Easter journey of Jesus Christ from death to resurrection.

There are three stages in the funeral celebration

  1. A vigil of prayer, usually held the night before the funeral if the body is brought into the church.
  2. The funeral liturgy – normally a Mass, but a service without Mass is possible.
  3. The committal – in the cemetery or at a crematorium.

Funeral practice varies considerably, and the Church provides several options from which you can choose freely. There is always flexibility here, so please discuss this with your parish priest.

You may find the suggested templates helpful when setting out the order of service. There is also a selection of scripture readings to choose from.

Funeral Service Template

Funeral Mass template for mourners

A collection of the readings approved for use at catholic funerals



Speak to Fr David is you wish to have more information on Ordination.