Following the recommendation of the Synod it has been decided to establish a Parochial Church Council.

Based on the understanding of the People of God as the active subject of the mission of evangelisation, we suggest legislating for the obligatory nature of Pastoral Councils in Christian Communities and local churches. It would also be desirable to strengthen the bodies of participation, with a proper presence of the laity, recognising the role they can play in discerning decisions by virtue of their baptism.” - The Church Synod

It stressed that a Parochial Church Council should be transparent and “accountable to the Community.” In other words it will be there for you.

Several attributes among members of our Council would be particularly helpful:- young parents; experience with SVP and and/or interest in social outreach; a member of the finance committee; an interest in forms of worship and all activities within the church including maintenance etc.; close liaison with the parish priest; liaison with outside bodies as a representative of the parish, viz. local government, schools, police etc.; leadership and communication skills…and many others.

The Council will use the early days to encourage the parish in the many ways, both spiritual and practical, both inward looking and outward, that the Pope and the Synod have suggested. Remembering also that they suggest “legislating for the obligatory nature of Pastoral Councils in Christian Communities and local churches ...”

Please contact Fr. David by returning the form below, or to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  by 11th May.

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Many Thanks.

Fr. David Bagstaff